Ministry of Finance

Public Finance Management Training Centre

Harihar Bhawan,  Lalitpur


1.0     Introduction

Public Finance Management Training Centre (PFMTC) is a Nepal Government’s organizations under the Ministry of Finance. PFMTC established in 1981 (B.S. 2037) with an objective to enhance the capabilities and Skill of the staffs related to Government Revenue and Financial Administration sectors. PFMTC is governed by a Steering committee, headed by Secretary, Ministry of Finance. The Steering Committee approves the annual work-plan, recommends the financial norms of training to MOF, and settles the problems and issues aroused during the implementation of training programs.

PFMTC  is staffed with the instructors from Revenue Administration Group, MOF and Accounts Group, Financial Comptroller General Office, for the fixed term of two years; if necessary it can be extended.  Both belong to Ministry of Finance (MoF). Besides, PFMTC  also arranges professionals and experienced resource-persons/experts from Public and private sectors as needed.

Major stakeholders of PFMTC are Ministry of Finance (MOF), Department of Customs, Department of Inland Revenue, Department of Revenue Investigation, Department of Money Laundering Investigation, Financial Comptroller General’s Office (FCGO) and office of the Auditor General (OAG). In addition, other government agencies are second layer stakeholders. For the activities like work-shops and seminars, both public and non-public organizations, professional groups, and civil society will be the stakeholders.


2.0     Vision, Mission and Objectives


Ensure to fulfill the skill and capacity gap of the personnel of government revenue and financial administration of the country


To enhance the required capabilities and skill of the personnel of government revenue and financial administration through the delivery of quality trainings


1. Conduct the training as per the need of the concerned organizations of revenue and financial administration

2. Strengthen the capacity of instructors with the national and international changing context for making more innovative and quality training

3. Explore the  possible measures of current economic and financial problems and issues through workshop/seminar and research works

4. Reform the  organizational structure and training system of PFMTC for making it as a ‘center for excellence’


3.0 Major Functions


  • Conduct training need assessment (TNA);
  • Develop and update the training curriculum/modules and evaluation criteria according to the subject/nature and type of training;
  • Conduct various skill and career development related training programs (pre-service and in-service training) for the personnel of revenue administration group and accounts group;
  • Conduct short-term refreshment  training program for the personnel of revenue administration group and accounts group;
  • Conduct the training programs as per the request of other public organizations;
  • Conduct training impact assessment (TIA) for  further strengthening the training programs;
  • Conduct workshops and seminars on current economic and financial related issues for the relevant public and non-public stakeholders;
  • Provide TOT opportunities and exposure visits to the instructors from reputed national and international Academic  Institutions;
  • Carry-out the research activities on current economic and financial related problems and issues; 
  • Maintain a roster of resource persons and a documentation of training-hands-outs;
  • Publish a journal on quarterly basis especially focusing the economic and financial subject-matters; and
  • Maintain good relations with MOF, Departments of MOF, FCGO, DTCOs and other relevant public and non-public stakeholders for timely and appropriately performing the aforementioned functions.